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Horseback riding is a wonderful and exhilarating activity but it can also be very strenuous on the body, especially the back. The movements required to properly ride a horse can take their toll on your back if weak muscles or improper posture is used. As a result, back pain is something that some horseback riders might experience, making riding uncomfortable and even unbearable at times. Knowing how to prevent back pain while horseback riding is essential to enjoying a safe, comfortable and enjoyable ride. Read on to learn how to avoid back pain from horseback riding and to have a fun and comfortable experience.

What exercises should I do to help prevent back pain from horseback riding?

1. Core Strengthening Exercises – Strengthening your core can help improve your balance and posture while riding, which can help prevent back pain. Examples of core exercises include planks, V-ups, side planks and Russian Twists.

2. Leg Strengthening Exercises – Strengthening your leg muscles can help you stay in balance while riding, which can help reduce strain on your back. Exercises like bodyweight squats, lunges, lateral raises and calf raises can help make your legs stronger.

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3. Stretching and Mobility Exercises -Stretching and mobility exercises can help improve your flexibility, reduce tension and promote better posture while riding. Foam rolling, neck and shoulder stretches, hip stretches, thoracic spine rotation and hamstring stretches are all great exercises to try.

4.Focus on Good Posture- Improving your posture when riding can help reduce the strain on your back. Work on developing good posture habits by practising in front of a mirror, or have someone take photos for you to compare.

5.Breathwork-Focusing on your breathing can help improve the core stability of your body, reducing strain on your back. Try to focus on breathing from your diaphragm, which can help relax your body and prepare you for a ride.

What is the best way to protect my back when horseback riding?

1. Warm up and stretch before riding.

2. Use the correct riding gear and choose a saddle that supports your lower back.

3. Sit upright in the saddle with your shoulders and hips square to the horse.

4. Make sure your feet are placed in the stirrups at the correct position.

5. Keep your abdominal muscles engaged and your torso relaxed while riding.

6. Stretch after riding to help keep your muscles flexible and reduce pain.

What should I wear to protect my back when horseback riding?

You should wear protective gear when horseback riding, such as a riding helmet, long sleeved shirt or vest, long pants, boots with a heel, and gloves. It is also recommended to consider wearing an extra layer of back support, such as a back brace or lumbar support belt, when riding for longer periods of time.

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What kind of safety equipment should I wear for horseback riding?

When riding horses, it is essential to wear protective equipment such as an ASTM/SEI-approved riding helmet, boots or sturdy shoes with a small heel, long pants, a riding jacket or vest, and gloves. Additionally, a medical alert bracelet is a good idea for riders with medical conditions so responders are aware of them in the event of an emergency.